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Plus Size Section

Plus Size Section
Nothing is sexier than a woman who feels good about her body—and at Sinful Fashions, nothing is more important than making every woman feel that way.

We play up every glorious one, with full-figured fashions that smooth as they cling and shape as they skim every contour. While many designs are cut for the straight and narrow, our styles revels in the sensuous beauty of a voluptuous woman, with stylish, well-proportioned garments that put a woman’s best features front and center. Accentuate abundant cleavage in a push-up corset, display a toned back in a cut-to-the-waist gown, show off shapely calves and ankles in a swirling chemise or exude Old Hollywood glamour in our new ruffled robes—all in fresh, flirty colors that say “notice me now!”

Whether you’re looking for a lot of support or just a hint of coverage, Sinful Fashions Styles are designed to showcase the feminine figure with comfort and style. Every garment is true-to-size, fitted to a live model and cut generously to follow womanly curves.
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